The Power of the Mastermind


The Power of the Mastermind by Bill Butler, Productivity Coach, RE/MAX Leading Edge “I owe my successes, victories and achievements unequivocally to me and my fabulously wonderfully awesome self”, said no one who is the least bit successful.  If you’re not a part of a Mastermind group, you’ve most likely heard of them by now.  […]

Dual Agency – Not me! I’m pure.

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Dual Agency – Not Me!  I’m Pure. Whoops?  Wait A Minute, What I’m Doing is Illegal? by Linda O’Koniewski, Owner & CEO, RE/MAX Leading Edge I get it.  You want to pledge your support, advice and wisdom to your client.  You don’t believe in dual agency because you don’t want to be compromised with your […]

Facebook Sharing for Business and Personal Pages

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  Facebook Sharing for Business and Personal Pages   By Emily Dugal, Marketing and Social Media Coordinator, RE/MAX Leading Edge   In the past few weeks I’ve been talking about more in depth things regarding social media. Things such as Facebook Live, blogging, and creating content. However, on Mug Monday I discussed some more basic […]


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By Christine George, President of Marketing and Business Development   One of the biggest challenges our real estate agents face is staying organized.  Organization is typically not high on the list of skills possessed by most real estate agents.  However, as your business grows and you take on more clients it becomes increasingly more important […]

Getting Over the Fear of the Phone

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Getting Over the Fear of the Phone By Bill Butler, RE/MAX Leading Edge Productivity Coach Ok…today’s the day!  Four and half months left in the year and I’m ready to finish the year strong!  Time to finally hit the phones and find my next listing and buyer consultation!   Here we go!  Now…who to call?  […]

Basic Blogging for Real Estate Agents


Basic Blogging for Real Estate Agents! By Emily Dugal So you want to start a blog. You’ve been looking for some ways to improve your website and you think a blog might be the way. But where do you start? What do you write about? Well don’t worry we’ve got you covered with some Basic […]

Being Intentional With Your Facebook Posts

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When it comes to your social media you have to be intentional. You need to have a game plan, an outline. Whether you are shooting a video, a Facebook LIVE, posting on Instagram or Tweeting something you make it intentional! This post focuses on Facebook as it is the most prominent social media platform when […]

Linda O’s Quick Take-Aways From Psychology of Listing, Part 2!

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By Linda O’Koniewski, Owner & CEO, RE/MAX Leading Edge Practicing real estate nobly and honorably means treating every other agent and consumer in the market fairly. If we are going to be the real estate office with a soul and a good heart we need to be guided by a higher consciousness when it comes […]

Video Marketing for the Shyest of Realtors

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By Bill Butler, Productivity Coach, RE/MAX Leading Edge     Are you shy in front of the camera (selfies excluded!)? Does the mere thought of a video of yourself give you hives? You’ve most likely seen some agents in our market take advantage of this newly accessible medium.  You know, the expressive type…the ‘hams’ in […]

Double-Ending Your Deal – That’s Great…Unless It Isn’t.

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By Linda O’Koniewski, CEO and Owner, RE/MAX Leading Edge Click the image to see the accompanying video! We must end practices that ruin our industry’s reputation. A very earnest new agent posted on a national real estate forum last week about her new listing and her intent to “double end” the deal when she took […]